Pneumatic Line Throwers Describe:

Pneumatic Line Throwers (PLT®)—75 Upgrade Unit 

Pneumatic Line Throwers (PLT®)—230 SOLAS Unit 

Pneumatic Line Throwers (PLT®)—Rope pick unit 

Pneumatic Line Throwers (PLT®)—150 Upgrade Unit

Pneumatic Line Throwers(PLT®)—75 Upgrade Unit

Short-range rope transfer 
Range 90m
Max. load 440kg
Provided more large safety area. Widely used in mooring and rope transfer between vessels.

Pneumatic Line Throwers(PLT®)—230 SOLAS Unit

Over 230m range, Breaking force 2000NLaunched 4-6 times within one gas fillingNo explosive hazard,Open endedHigh accuracyConform to SOLAS, MED cert.

Pneumatic Line Throwers(PLT®)—Rope pick unit

Medium-range rope pick
Max. load 440kg
Widely used in emergency drag, maritime refueling, exploration pick, anchor operation and so forth

Pneumatic Line Throwers(PLT®)—150 Upgrade Unit

Medium-range rope transfer


Max. load 200kg

Widely used in rope transfer between FSO/FPSO and oil tanker and treatment for oil leakage and so forth

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